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Summer Safety For Your Pets

June 10, 2019


It's starting to heat up for summer! Remember even at 77 F outside the pavement can reach up to 125 F. So please make sure you keep your pets walking on the grass. Also, try to stick to early morning or late evening walks as summer approaches. If walking on pavement is unavoidable, look into dog booties for your pet.


We all love lake days during the summer. Please keep your pets away from fishing lines and hooks. If swallowed, it will most likely require surgery. Please seek veterinary assistance immediately.

This is Chewy. He had a fishhook caught in his leg.

Car Windows

We know it can be tempting to let Fido stick his head out of the car window on those summer days, but we have seen too many pets jump outside the vehicle while moving, leading to severe injury or death. Damage to their ears is another big concern. The rapid flapping can cause trauma to their ear. Please keep your windows rolled up when the vehicle is in motion. The best place for your pet is in the back seat or cargo area where he is properly restrained. Travel crates, pet safety belts, and pet car seats are also great options. Crack the window, but please don't let them stick their head out!


Dehydration and overheating in dogs is common during the summertime. Drooling, excessive panting, fatigue, and dizziness are just a few symptoms of overheating. Please make sure to keep your pet hydrated and give them a cool place to relax. You can always day board your pet with us to keep them in the AC if you cannot keep them indoors this summer during the day. Keep multiple freshwater sources around your home. You could also consider wet food or adding water to your pet's dry kibble as a way to help re-hydrate. Make sure during exercise you give your pet access to small amounts of water every 15 minutes. Let them start panting before they drink up!

Please remember to never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle. If your pet is in the car, please make sure the AC is on. Heatstroke can set in very quickly.