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Cats & Carriers

August 06, 2018

Have you experienced trying to get your cat into a carrier?

Many cats dislike going to the veterinarian but getting your cat into their carrier tends to be the first obstacle. Read below on how to make your cat getting into their carrier a more smooth transition.

Make the carrier accessible. Many times we store the carrier out of sight so whenever the carrier comes out your cat goes into hiding. Start leaving the carrier out and make it a part of your cat's regular environment.

Make the carrier fun. Make the carrier an enjoyable experience. Leave a treat or a cat toy inside to encourage your cat to go freely inside.

Line the bottom of the carrier. Cats like soft places to sit. Try placing a blanket in the bottom of the carrier. Also, consider spraying the blanket with a cat pheromone spray such as Feliway. These pheromones can significantly help reduce stress and create a sense of security for your cat.

Praise your cat. After your pet goes freely inside their carrier praise them. Give them a pet or a treat. Making the carrier a positive experience can greatly help with your cat's stress levels getting to and from the vet.